Strawberry Dartfrog

The schoolhouse on Isla Solarte

Today we took a boat taxi to Isla Solarte. It was surrounded by mangroves on the side we came in on. We got a tour through the rainforest and saw poisonous strawberry dartfrogs and a sloth. Then we we told the history of the island, people haven't been living on it for too long, since the 1960's. The schoolhouse has about 60 students and 2 classrooms that have no glass windows, just openings in the walls. When we got to the school, many kids had left. I guess they went to change clothes since they wear a uniform. When the kids came back we played soccer, and just talked to them. We brought soccer nets so we worked together to hang those up on some wood poles. We walked to the other side of the island where we snorkeled on a reef,  and saw some cool fish.


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