I have not updated this blog in a very long time. The 2nd half of 2011 flew by so quickly, it's unbelievable. Let me recap:
  • Graduated with a master's degree in May
  • Sold all my major furniture, my car and my apartment
  • Bought a one way ticket to San Francisco to train for my summer job
  • Met awesome people at job training
  • Led 15 teenagers to go surfing, river rafting, scuba diving and sailing in Costa Rica and Belize
  • Returned to California for a 3 week road trip from San Francisco down to San Diego
  • Spent a few days in Las Vegas and Washington DC before returning to my home base in North Carolina
  • Spent a week and a half unpacking, then repacking to go work on a cruise ship
  • Joined the cruise ship in Vancouver for 3 weeks in Alaska in September
  • Re-positioning cruise to the Caribbean through the west coast of the US and Central America, through the Panama Canal up to Florida
  • Worked 10 and 11 day cruises to the Panama Canal from Florida until the end of December
All in all, I've seen 8 new countries this year and parts of the United States that I had never seen before. I've made really good friends and had a lot of fun! It has been an awesome year and I am even more excited for 2012!

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