It has been another long time since my last blog. Life on the ship is so busy and tiring that it is quite hard to keep up with a blog! If I don’t make blogging a priority, it doesn’t get done! Anyway, I had a great 3 and a half month contract. I saw ten new countries and crossed the Atlantic Ocean! I had always wanted to cross the Atlantic Ocean, to feel kind of like an old explorer. It was actually fairly calm and I didn’t get seasick! I was very excited to step on land again when we reached the Azores off Portugal.

Unfortunately crew was not allowed shore leave on our first port since it was a tender port and we had an early departure. The next port we stopped at I was able to get out thankfully! I really enjoyed Ponta Delgada, Portugal. It was quite foggy and a little cool, but it was a wonderful change from the hot and similar looking Caribbean islands. I really adore working in the Mediterranean. There is so much history and buildings and towns are so interesting to just wander through.  

I was able to experience a few tours in Spain: a bunch of palaces in Seville, Mijas, a small charming hillside village near Malaga, and an overview tour of Barcelona with a trip to Sagrada Familia.

At the end of an 18 day cruise I was ready for the new set of passengers to come on and experience more of the Mediterranean!

Have you ever done a trans-Atlantic cruise?

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