36 Hours of Travel Back to the US - Green Travel Girl
The airport near Varanasi was very small. Our flight to Delhi was a little delayed and then we had to collect our luggage. We didn’t know that there was a whole separate terminal for domestic and international fights. We had to pay for a taxi to drive us to the international terminal that was about 45 minutes away, and we had about 55 minutes to check into our flight on time. Needless to say, I was very nervous in the taxi since there was a ton of traffic. We made it on time and were able to check in. I had some issues getting through security since I had some metal items in my carry on bag. They made me take everything metal out and put it on a dish to go through again. I eventually got through. We flew from Delhi to Dubai. We shopped around the Dubai airport and then took the long flight from Dubai to Atlanta. Once I got to Atlanta I had to wait for the next flight to Wilmington. After 36 hours of travel I was happy to be home.

Outside the Dubai Airport

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