People bathing in the Ganges River in the morning

Men washing their laundry in the river

We hired the same guide to give us a sunrise boat ride. He said we would be able to see the sunrise, but it was too cloudy. We saw the morning ritual of people bathing in the Ganges River. Some people waved to us as we floated by in the boat. I think most of them were tourists, but some people were also washing their clothes in the river by banging them against the steps. There were also some kids doing yoga classes outside. After the boat ride we walked around Varanasi. There were some creepy guys dressed up in costumes and make up that were following us. Our guide told them to leave us alone. We saw some little temples and shops in the narrow streets. There were also monkeys around on the rooftops.

We met up with the American couple that we met at the Taj Mahal. They were volunteer nurses and were traveling to Nepal after India. We went out to eat with them and on the walk back to the hotel we saw a wedding procession in the street. There was a carriage and music blasting from a truck. It was very strange. I was very glad that we visited Varanasi. It was the craziest, but most interesting city of the whole trip. We prepared all of our belongings to leave for the airport the next day.

Monkeys around Varanasi

Wedding procession in the carriage

4/11/2011 12:23:47 pm

I just found your blog on Twitter and I loved this post. What a wonderful experience! I hope to visit this country one day. Thank you for sharing.


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