Pouring milk as a daily ritual on the Nandi

Today was an extremely busy day. We left the hotel at 7am to see the Bull Temple. We had our first experience with a beggar. He had a bandage on his ankle and was asking for money. We took off our shoes and walked around. The temple had a huge sculpted bull, called Nandi. There was a boy playing an instrument inside and the priest did a daily ritual, pouring milk over the bull. It was really interesting. The back of the temple had a small sculpture of the god Shiva. When we finished looking at the temple, we walked back to get our shoes. The beggar asked for money, so we gave him a little. As soon as he walked away he took off the bandage on his ankle.

After the temple we went to an Asian spa. We all tried the "Fish Spa Exfoliation." You stick your feet in a fish tank basically and the doctor fish start swarming around your feet and legs that are in the water. They don't have teeth but they are suctioning/nibbling on your dead skin. It was the strangest feeling and kind of tickled.

We stopped at Greenpeace India and heard about some of their campaigns. Their office was in a residential area. They were all young and they were interested in our viewpoints on Americans and Indians. When we left we saw two really cute kids and talked to a woman that works at a call center. She said she wants to visit Disney World.

We stopped at Fab India, which is a pretty cool store. I tried on some Indian camises, which are long, light shirts. They were too small and I didn't have time to try some bigger ones.

Then we went to a working women's hostel run by nuns. They teach girls from villages English and give them training to help them find jobs in Bangalore. It was really fun. The girls sang us a welcome song in English and then 3 did an Indian dance. They were so interested in us and friendly. We broke off into groups and talked to about 8 girls. They really wanted us to sing! They asked me to sing the Celine Dion Titanic Song. Then we all tried to dance for them by doing the Cupid Shuffle. I think they were laughing at us, and then they showed us some Indian dance moves. That was the highlight of the trip so far.

Doctor fish nibbling on dead skin


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