Thank you to everyone that has donated!! With your help I exceeded my goal and raised $695!

The plane tickets have been bought! I will leave from Jacksonville, NC on Saturday March 6 arriving into Panama City around 9:30pm. Our group will then take a 7 hour bus ride overnight to Boquete. After putting our things down in the hostel we will start volunteering on Sunday March 7!

I will be returning late Saturday night on March 13!

Thank you to George Di Rado, David and Sandy Rowe, Bill and Barbara Gifford, and Bonnie Hart for generous donations!
Thank you to the newlyweds Kevin and Magan Hart who each gave a donation!
A great big thank you to: Kevin Hart, Deb KistnerHart, Gerry and Paula Hart, Ron Ettinger, Jimmy and Maureen Hart, and Toby VanNostrand!
Thank you to Patrick Hart for the first donation supporting my trip!!
I just submitted my deposit for the volunteer trip to Panama. I am really excited about it and hope to raise some money for this trip.

Here is the breakdown of costs:
  • $400 Global Humanitarian Adventures program fee
  • ~$600 for Airfare
  • ~$200 for meals and extra activities
I am hoping to at least cover the program fee through donations... so that's $40 from 10 people. Of course, any size donation is greatly appreciated.
I can accept donations through paypal, cash or check
Thank you very much!

I will be updating this blog while in Panama with pictures and stories!