Today we went out on a catamaran with a European captain. We sailed to Starfish Beach and snorkeled. There were tons of starfish there! I was afraid I might step on one. We had sandwiches on the boat, then sailed to another spot to snorkel again. There were coral reefs and some fish. I saw a black stingray with white spots swim right under me. It was really cool. Unfortunately being on the water all day made us all get sunburnt, even though we were putting on sunscreen. We had to rush back to shower and load up all our luggage onto a water taxi. After the water taxi we took regular taxis to the bus station. We all made it to the public bus going to Panama City. The buses are actually pretty nice since so many people rely on public transportation in Panama. I tried to sleep on the bus but it was hard since my back was sunburnt!

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