I had to wake up at 5am to be at the bus at 5:30am. We drove about half an hour to get to the airport, then found out our flight was delayed. I tried to shop in the airport to find more souvenirs but there wasn't really anything "Panamanian." I was randomly checked in Atlanta and had to wait about 45 minutes before they even checked my bags. I had a long layover in Atlanta but luckily a friend from South Africa now works in Atlanta so she came to pick me up. We caught up while eating lunch then did some shopping. My second flight to NC was also delayed so I got in around 10:45pm. By the time I got my luggage and drove an hour home, it was 12:30am. I'm tired, but had a great time!

I am very grateful to everyone that donated for this trip! It was a great time!

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