Taxi that we loaded up with wood

Pile of wood we moved

The pathway was built reusing nails that were in the wood

It was sunny all day and we were out from 11-5. I put sunscreen on but got burnt anyway. We were walking to a village and saw all this wood on the side of the road. So we got a taxi and packed in a bunch of the wood.  Only a few people fit in the taxi so the rest of us met up with them. We had to carry it across an airport runway and then in the mud. It was going to be used to build a pathway for the village. We dropped the wood off then got lunch and went to the beach for a little. We went back to the village and the whole pathway was built with the wood we bought. Adults and kids were using the wood to build a pathway while we were at lunch. It was crazy to see. Then we talked with the schoolkids in English. One boy used my camera and took a bunch of pictures. Then i was talking to a girl who kept asking for more questions in English for her to write down and answer. It was a cool day. Then we jumped in the water at our hostel to cool off. We went out to a pretty nice restaurant for dinner and there was an actual menu (kind of unusual here)!

Sounds like you are on quite the adventure, good for you Kate....enjoy the experience.....i was snowboarding today in a t-shirt, not as warm as where you are, but not to shabby for the Catskill Mountains either.....take care, Ron


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