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Today we went to the Center for Sustainable Development in Bangalore. It is a non-profit that is doing some research projects and working on sustainable development policies. We also talked to an e-waste management group. E-waste is waste from cell phones, computers, and other electronics that has heavy metals and toxic materials in it. It also has plastics, gold, silver and other re-usable materials. There is a big informal market in India for e-waste and the United States sends a lot of waste here. 

We also visited a large private hospital , Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital, with cancer and cardiology research centers. It was very new and nice. We learned that many American hospitals send cancer scans to the Indian hospital. The Indians analyze it and come up with a treatment plan. The time difference is useful since the Indians work on it at night in the USA so the next morning the American doctors can have the plan.
Modern Cancer Research Center

Shrine inside the Hospital

2/1/2012 01:18:33

Every healthcare provider should switch to an EMR solution. Paper based records and prescriptions are a thing of the past now and it would be best for both doctors and patients to take advantage of their features and accessibility.

2/1/2012 01:18:53

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