Our hotel called Casa Verde (Green house)

Sunday, March 7
We made it to our hostel after 24 hours of travel! The flights were easy, then we all cramped into a small bus for 10 hours, not 7 like we were expecting. They blast the air conditioning so it was freezing!  Then we took a water taxi to our hostel that is built right on the water like everything else here. The hostel is a converted house with about 8 rooms and 2 bathrooms and a dock. We ate breakfast at "The Pirate" and they made fresh squeezed juice. I had pineapple juice which was amazing! We went on a catamaran that gives free rides on Sundays.  We all passed out since we didn't sleep too much on the bus.

Monday, March 8
We did a beach sweep to clean up a beach, "la playa sucia" (literally dirty beach). Some of the local kids came out to help us then we played them in a soccer game. We won 6 to 5! It was fun. Then we went to a restaurant built on a dock. They catch their own fish and cook it. We had smoked white fish. The ice cream here is really good and pretty cheap $1.65 for 2 scoops.

Tuesday, March 9
We are going to a local school today to help build a road and maybe teach some English. It is very safe here with quite a few tourists. I will have to upload pictures after I get back to the US.
La Playa Sucia (Before)

La Playa Sucia (After)

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